16 April 2018

main tank small changes

I had to lift out the largest dragon stone piece to re-fasten some buce 'green' that came loose. Then I moved the anubias pangolino onto rocks-
here on the lower front side- kind of hidden behind the crypt-
this little bit under crypt becketti petchii on its own small rock
because I made a ditch on the short end of the tank where they had been. There's been ugly dark algae in a wide bade on the glass under substrate level there, and some alarming-looking bubbles of gas. I've done this deep clean on bottom edge of front glass, before. I simply used the hose without the wider vacuum fitting, siphoned out all the substrate from that edge into a bucket through a strainer.
Crypt parva roots seriously exposed. Healthy looking! I was going to gently sift substrate back over them, but want to leave the low edge of glass exposed so the snails can do their work- and already the ditch is gradually getting filled in again as things sift down. I thought I'd have to scrape the algae off by hand, but already is barely noticeable as the nerites and trumpet snails have been eating it.
You can see where all the new floaters are pushed to one side by the current, the tank is distinctly shaded now. Much denser cover than the hornwort ever gave. I am watching to see if this is an improvement or detriment for the other tank plants. I can allow floaters to spread across the entire tank, if it seems a plus, or remove a layer of plastic off the LEDs so they get stronger light if needed...

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