04 February 2018

pictures of Perry

Over five months now. I still wonder if Perry will develop a long gorgeous tail and prove himself to be male. It does seem like the lower lobe of the caudal fin is growing an extension. Maybe a late developer?

Plants in the background: vallisneria, subwassertang, windelov fern.

Edit later in the day to add: I did a test. I held up a mirror to the side of the tank, to see Perry's reaction. The fish noticed right away.
And started displaying, fins fully spread and ventrals out straight, broadside to the mirror image. So it was hard to get a photo because usually tail or head was pointed at me! So I think Perry is a male- do females display this way. Sure acted like thought it was a rival fish.
I noticed for the first time pretty blue colors in the tail. I'm a bit disappointed how pale and washed-out Perry's colors still seem, to pictures of other paradise fish I look at. Is it because not yet matured? Or do I need to feed different food, or perhaps mine is unhealthy and not showing any other symptoms?
It was evening when I did this so put a lamp in front of the tank, it bounced off the scales some. I'll have to do it again during broad daylight for more natural color. Maybe Perry just needs more stimulation. I did notice lately he's got kind of thick lips. That's another trait of the male.

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Jeane said...

Hm, well I just went looking for a specific answer. Some paradise fish don't gain full color until they are five or six months old. I don't know how old mine was when I got it, but the body proportions made me think it was just barely old enough to be sold (or starving). Also: they have better color over dark substrate, hm. Also, maybe I should be feeding Perry at least twice a day, if my fish isn't full grown yet.