16 January 2018

shrimp pics and snails

My older amano shrimps are almost constantly berried now. Here's one from above. I can't imagine keeping the tank without them anymore- I'd like to have them in the window tank but Perry would probably eat them!
The three malaya shrimp are getting very dark in color. I don't know if that means something about their age or health...
I have a feeling the two nerites in my main tank are getting old... At the pet store today to get some food, I picked up two more zebra nerites. With some trepidation as in a few of the tanks I saw some fish with signs of ich... . . one of the prior outbreaks in my tank occured the day after bringing home snails from a pet shop so I have suspicions the disease can be carried on snails. However, snails don't develop the cysts (I think) and the free-swimming stage dies after 48 hours if it doesn't find a fish host.
So to be safe I've put my new snails in a QT plastic tote with some aquatic moss and about a gallon of water. I acclimated them usual method and then plucked out of the shop bag to place in the water- no shop water into the tote. I put the tote on top of the fridge for warmth. Going to give it small water changes daily and move the snails to my tank at end of the week.

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