05 May 2017

a little better

I like my betta tank better this week than the last few. Using the tiny siphon vacuum I made is really helping to keep the tank cleaner- there is a lot less visible mulm, the plants don't have brown stuff settling on their leaves and the wastewater doesn't have a sour smell anymore. Nitrates level is same as ever, but I bet TDS is lower. Don't have a way to measure that, though.
Buces are looking nice once again. (They were dismal the week before last).
Rotala and ludwigia on this short end don't look like much, but they are healthier-looking now.
Samblu is his same old self. But it seems a scattering of scales on his side have turned darker blue- so he looks like scales are mosaic tiles... love the green ceiling of spirodela root hairs.
He likes to hide in the plants.

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