27 March 2017


New fishes seem to be finally settling in. Yesterday showed signs of hunger- Fabio frequently picking at plants, and one of the lamp-eyes struck at a bubble or bit of duckweed on the surface and bonked its head on the plastic lid! I heard a little thump. They weren't as fearful this morning- moving about and interacting w/each other when daylight arrived, instead of hiding. Still act terrified when I open the lid. Offered peas again and this time nearly everyone ate- Splishy was eager and definitely consumed the most. The lamp-eyes ate, the serpaes picked at things, Fabio is still spitting everything out. But at least he tries it.

They are still really timid about it, moving slowly down low shielded by plants and picking cautiously at the food. I had leftover cooked pea bits and dumped the rest in the main tank nextdoor. Reaction was instant- everyone dashing frantically for the food. Totally different!

I'm thinking of giving Splishy a salt bath later in the day, and offering garlic-soaked food tomorrow. I do see pale stringy poo on the bottom of the tank, so after seeing what effect the bath has, will dose the tank with anti-parasitic meds.

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