12 March 2017

dousing and cutbacks

I haven't had any problems with spider mites this winter, but instead it is constant reappearance of aphids, especially on my jade plant. Which got doused again. The bugs seem to be slowing down.
My peppers look much better, but now the stevia has some peaky-looking foliage as well. I don't see aphids on it, but I feel the stickiness. Last week when it was warmer these plants went outside into shaded spots on the deck and got thoroughly sprayed with soapy water again.
The overwintered coleus were up to my knees- still in 4" pots, starting to flower and drop lower, yellowing leaves. I cut them back to just a few inches high, started new cuttings from the tops in jars of water. Did the same to the sweet potato vines- cut them back to almost nothing, started new cuttings from the stem ends. These I soaked in a pan of soapy dishwater in the sink for twenty minutes first, to try and wipe out any remaining aphids. Keeping a close eye on the cuttings for signs of more bugs.

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