07 March 2017

another two sets

of seedlings came up- my second tray of nasturtiums, and the leeks- tiny little green spears. Only tray left to sprout is peppers- to give them a jump I put the tray on heat this morning. After steeping stevia leaves for my coffee, I put a folded sheet of used tin foil over the still-warm burner and set the seedling tray on that. (Previous years I have momentarily set seedling trays in a still-warm oven after cooking something, or on a baking sheet that just came out and retained some heat). Funny that all my tomatoes came up over the fridge, but these peppers seem to need a few degrees more warmth. I have another empty tray to start, but need to start making room already- windowsills that get sun here are full. Coldframe house is getting painted today- I finished fixing the roof (pics on that later) and hoping to get the plastic on it today or tomorrow.

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