25 February 2017


I have not planted anything in the yard or garden yet this spring. But today I buried a small fish. Under a tree, it will feed a hellebore.

This morning my hillstream loach died. Not surprised, but still sad. It looked fine yesterday- but behavior for some time has indicated it probably didn't have enough oxygen- it always spent daytimes high on the back wall near or just under the output spraybar. I don't know why it always chose to rest at night on the furthest lower corner from that spot, front of the tank. That's where I found it this morning, a stiff grayish shape where only green plants should be- I thought what's that, I don't have any planted rocks over there- and went to see.

Was it coincidence that it was on an unseasonably warm day? Have the windows open for a breeze otherwise it's over seventy in the house (I don't mind it a few degrees warmer than that, but my husband finds it unbearable).

Everyone else is fine in the tank. I won't make the mistake of attempting to keep that fish again.

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