10 December 2016

new plants

My daughter went to a science fair a month ago, and came home with a handful of plant cuttings in small pots. She's left them in my care for the time being, so they get some mention here in my gardening journal...
There are two succulents, I don't know exactly what they are the pointy one looks like sansevieria?
and another one I know from my childhood- wandering jew. I remembered this plant well for its distinctive purple undersides. I had completely forgotten (or never noticed) how the pale stripes on its leaves glitters with iridescence. This cutting has not been doing well, I thought it was going to die but finally has some healthy-looking growth.
These two are a mystery to me. One has long, narrow straplike leaves
that overlap each other at its base. I have no idea what it is.
The other is this plant with round, opposite leaves very fine hairs. This one has a strong scent. A bit of looking up my best guess is Plectranthus amboinicus or 'cuban oregano'.

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