19 November 2016

tenner changes

I took this quick overhead shot a few weeks ago,
after removing most of the rotalas from the tenner. They just don't look so good in there. I left a half dozen stems that don't seem quite as stunted as the rest...
So then it looked like this for a while.
Little buce 'emerald green' is putting out a new leaf.
The lost one that I tucked into a crevice on the log came loose, but is holding on by a few root hairs.
They look so nice in here, and so awful in my thirty-eight, that I wish I could bring all the other buces into this tank. But I'm not sure how to do that without introducing BBA into the tenner. I've tried wiping it off, killing it with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and three-day-blackouts. The other tank just has too much light for these plants I think, especially since I removed some of the hornwort floaters...
In here they are lovely. I'm sure glad I decided to put a piece of each in both tanks- since they are failing in the main one...
Unrelated pic of anubias roots- I like seeing how they follow the form as move down across the driftwood, making squiggles.

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