09 August 2016


Temperatures have dropped here a bit. It's in the seventies in the morning and evening, doesn't get hot until the middle of the day. Feels like such a relief.  I'm keeping my main tank at 75º now. The tenner had gotten cooler than I like last night, I prefer it to stay 78-79º. I had the heater dial set to 74º, but when I plugged it in the tank temperature went from 76º to 80º in two hours- yikes! Have to adjust that now.

Keeping a close eye on my stevia plant as the weather cools down. My last one died from a chill. I know we're nowhere near that, but the plant doesn't like temps below 60º so I will have to bring it in well before the first frost. I haven't dried any leaves yet. I'm steeping five or six of them each morning in a tiny bit of water to add to my coffee for sweetner. (Would just put the leaf in to brew with the coffee, but my husband doesn't care for it and I don't want to brew twice).

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