08 July 2016

staying green

My tank is filling up with greenery. I still test the nitrates every week to see if I have a lull or a spike, but it seems to be staying steady in the 20-30 range. This week the rotalas looked a bit poorly, with leaves curling down. I wonder if it's because I skimped on the micros last week? gave 30ml this time. The tank is thriving enough now, I've put an ad on craigslist. Every friday I'm taking healthy trimmings out. Several times now I've sold them to other aquarium folks. Last week I sold a few handfuls of plants for $8, and this week a larger amount (including a medium-sized potted crypt wendtii from the background) for $20. Most of all it's nice to talk to other people who are into the same hobby, about fish and plant stuff. Both visitors accepted a handful of MTS as well. The lady who came by today drove a good hour to get plants from me. She's setting up a fifty-five gallon tank.

A few more apono leaves have hit the ceiling now, but I'm not cutting them yet. Today I trimmed a few elodea and rotalas (those just to make the stem tops even, and have more of a selection to offer), almost all the hornwort and thinned out some baby watersprite. Pulled a half dozen young vallisneria, cut back the subwassertang and that was it. Only two dying leaves needed removal- all the plants are doing grand.

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