24 July 2016

seventy five percent

On friday when I had to do the big water change to remove medication (and possibly dead parasites) from the tank, I took the time for some photographs. Changing out seventy-five percent feels like a huge volume to me; I wanted to fill the new water very slowly to avoid shocking the fishes,
and I've always thought things look intriguing when the water level is lower than normal- plants draping at the surface, long stems and foliage filling the space densely, the fishes suddenly in a different landscape with their familiar plants.
You can see here when the water level was at its lowest, it was only two or three fish-lengths from the surface to substrate.
Left corner of the tank, five gallons topped off, then ten. Looks a lot more full and lush with the tall plants bent over.
Halfway filled again- this is the amount I normally take out and replace per week.
Almost there.
I never took a picture of this before, but I always thinks it looks kind of interesting when the hornwort stems hang down from the airline tubing they're clipped to, with the water level dropped.
I got a closeup of the otocinclus on the old feeding rock.

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