19 April 2016

potted up

Most of my seedlings got potted up out of the milk jug planters. This year what did well for me winter-planted in the jugs: borage, cosmos, broccoli, lettuce. There are a few nasturtiums coming up now, but marigolds were pretty much a failure, and I did not get any tithonia or hosta (well, hosta has always been a never for me). The marigolds and tithonia I started indoors did well. I could have left lots of these in the jugs and just lifted them out when time to plant in the ground, but honestly get tired of looking at jugs along the edge of my deck. So I put them into pots.
The borage is doing really well. Most of the seedlings are quite big already.
I had two jugs full of cosmos- these grown from boughten seed
and these (only a few pictured) grown from saved seed. They grew just as vigorously. I will have to keep them marked or separated when planted out, because I want to see how the flowers compare.
One lonely echinacea. This is another plant I meant to start more seed of, and haven't gotten around to it. I did start another tray of cherry tomatoes and of dill, last week. I wanted to try for more oregano (my one seedling died) but can't find the packet. I think I've finally used up all that seed.

I ran out of paper and folded pots. I used up all of my uniform three-inch red plastic pots (for the first time) and then used up all my small square and random-sized pots. Resorted to a few cottage cheese cartons and plastic recyclable cups for the last few seedlings.

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