22 April 2016

in the coldhouse

(I know my structure isn't technically a greenhouse, but I never really think of it as a coldframe- I always picture something low to the ground topped with a window, when I imagine a coldframe. So I think of this as my 'coldhouse' haha).
The cucumbers have their first true leaves!
A few of my seedlings seem to have suffered from damping off: one nasturtium, one beefsteak tomato and the sage plant collapsed with a pinched stem at the base. I have so many nasturtiums loosing one doesn't matter, and I don't even mind loosing one of the 'big' tomatoes- but the sage plant would be sore loss. I have piled up soil high around its stem, not sure if that will do it any good.
Speaking of nasturtiums, I have an entire shelf of them!!
Rosemary plant is very sad. My sick eleven-year-old asked for rosemary tea and I trimmed out all the older foliage, which was browning at tips and looking to die anyway. So I do see it has quite a few new, young leaves growing but I don't know if I can keep it alive. I have never had good luck with ailing rosemary. It does indicate this sprig probably grew some roots, though!
Here are the few other perennials and annuals I bought at that greenhouse and forgot to give mention weeks ago- I have some sweet potato vine intended for planter boxes (always wanted to grow this from a tuber myself, and never got one to do anything other than rot)
Flowering purslane- I never knew purslane could be decorative until one day I saw some edging a border on public property. I immediately recognized the low-growing fleshy foliage, and the pink and salmon colored flowers were so striking. So I was glad to find some for myself! This suffered some damage from chill earlier (I put it out in the coldframe house too soon) but it is recovering and growing new leaves that look fine.
I also have some gerbera daisy and dahlias- more plants I've never grown but always kind of liked.
And last but definitely not least, another type of coleus. I can't remember the variety name now- will have to go out and look at the label- but think of it as the 'funky coleus'.

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