11 March 2016

tenner happenings

Similar things going on in here. Trimmed and planted subwassertang onto some sticks, to place in foreground. The little downoi plant came floating loose again- it has one tiny root hair, but doesn't seem to be growing much at all here so I put it in the other tank, where the same plant has been showing growth.
Odd thing is that while my thirty-eight seems to go swiftly into decline when I do something wrong, this tank had the same treatment (a few root tabs last week, higher nitrates this week, cut back on ferts dosing in response) yet doesn't seem to suffer at all. It mostly looks the same. Buce selena growing some more (although do look a bit pale on edges so maybe lacking something)
Buce blue bell cluster:
And the 'isabelle' one looking very nice (at least, compared to its counterpart in the larger tank which is looking poorly). This picture amuses me because every time I pour duckweed back into the tank (I scoop it all out every maintenance day to keep from clinging all over stuff, and then put some back in) the little plants swirl down into the tank and float up again to the surface spinning like tiny parachutes. Some get stuck under anubias leaves for a while- there's a few here in upper right corner. And you can see a bit of my fissidens!
I don't have a good picture of it, but I cut off the bottom half of the anubias barteri rhizome and removed it (with two full leaves). It was growing into the side of the tank, so I've reduce its size.

Continue to be pleased with windelov fern in here, but frustrated how the leaves are always aligned narrow edges facing me, broadsides to the short ends of the tank.
So it's hard to get a picture of its nicest features- seen here sideways through some other growth.
Bonus pic! Lately I've been seeing Oliver resting on a broad leaf more often. Is he getting old and slowing down? Feeling more comfortable in the tank lately? Or did I just never catch a glimpse of this behavior before.

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