18 January 2016

hardy few

After those first few days trying out my coldhouse, it got a lot colder and I didn't dare put out the echeveria, geranium, aloes or coleus.
But rosemary is tougher, in fact I want this one to be an annual in my yard once it gets bigger and I can decide where to put it.
I even think it's getting healthier since going outside here for extra sun occasionally. Not quite sure but there seem to be fewer pale, blotchy leaves and more dark green growth.
And the mock strawberry in pots on my porch, I didn't want them to die from freezing, so put those behind the plastic walls to see if I could save them. They were planted pretty roughly and didn't look so good for a while, but I cleaned out some ratty foliage and dead leaves, now it looks better. If it warms up a bit I'll put them back out.
Note on the structure: some of the weather stripping I put in fell off. Need thicker pieces, attached more firmly.

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