11 January 2016

plants outside

We managed to get my coldhouse up the outside stairs to the deck. It sustained a few small tears I fixed with packing tape. Promptly filled it with plants (it was a mild day). And keep grinning at the thing.
Here it is before I put the shelves back in.
Just to test it out, I put in the plants that have been overwintering indoors- to give them some max sun. Rosemary on the topmost shelf under the peak (this one seems to be doing better since I repotted it in fresh soil).
Coleus- bright and pretty!
At the base I took out the lowest shelf to set in my geranium and rest echeveria pots on the side horizontal beams.
I think I have to put some weather stripping around the door edge where there's a small gap. Went out an hour later and cracked the door to put my finger through the gap- it was nice and warm inside, warmer than outside air. But later with rain and wind the temp fell in there. Drafts not good.

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