27 September 2015

echeveria success

It's the end of summer and the pots of echeveria have really grown! Most of them did better than I expected. They mostly recovered from their sun scald. The big single one developed its flower spike further and has two pups coming up at the base.
The pair of crowns are health-looking, but didn't produce any new growth.
The pot of leaves I just stuck in the soil had a lot of failures. At one point I gently tugged on them all and tossed out all the ones that came up easy- those that held on from new little roots I let be. Some of these are now growing plants too.
Last pictured here is the pot of crowns I stripped of lower leaves, and flower stalks I stuck in the soil just for the heck of it. The stalk pieces all wilted and are gone (I expected that). These crowns had the most increase in growth, from where they started.
I really love the blue-green color of them all.

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