18 January 2013

more pests

I'm preoccupied with pests, now. Thinking I will toss the Pepper plant. Easier to grow new ones than save this. Inspected the Mint cuttings outside; they have a few aphids again. If I can find a ladybug on a walk I will bring it home -saw one a few days ago on the sidewalk but didn't think to pick it up. It's gotten cold again though, so I don't know if I will see anymore.

Noticed my Stevia has some leaf-curl on the older foliage, and white bleached-looking spots on the leaves. I feared more spider mites but did the leaf-tap-over-paper test and instead of crawling specks got little green bugs that hop. I think it's leaf bugs. Sprayed the plant and the bug jumped off but I never saw it again so it might still be around.

The smaller Marjoram also has had pale splotches on the leaves. Tapped its foliage over paper too. Got a bunch of even smaller leaf bugs. I squished those.

The Palms look better; most of them are growing bright green, new leaves. I've started to trim off the old, damaged foliage. Then if the spider mites persist I'll be able to notice the new damage on the leaves. They get misted every day now, too.

I have gnats again. Around almost all the houseplants. There have always been a few but lately there are proliferating. I have tried putting out dishes of cider vinegar again but it doesn't seem to be helping. Argh.

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Chris Howard said...

I hate pests so much!! I wish there were a miracle cure all that was organic...lemme know if you ever discover one :p