12 December 2012

seeds, seeds

All the seeds I gathered have been drying but yesterday I sorted and separated them from their cases and chaff to put in storage. Figure they're dry enough now.

The Crepe Myrtle ones are kind of interesting to look at.
At first I pried apart the seed pods
but then found if already ripe and opened, it was far easier to just tap them on the table until the seeds fell out.
These dark papery ones are Hosta
I have an abundance of Echinacea seed!
And removed all the wild Rose seed
from the hips. These aren't all quite dry yet so sitting out in a little dish a bit longer.
Made some little packets with quickly scribbled drawings, to keep them in.
I've also got a little jar of Okra seed now; finally split apart the last of those dried pods. Not sure yet if I'm going to try roasting them, but in the meantime I think they're rather attractive to look at.

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Chris said...

So cool to see all this!!! I'd love to try roses from seed one day!