18 November 2012

from a walk

I went on a nature walk the other day and noticed this little plant growing around the base of trees. There wasn't much undergrowth alive so it stood out and I thought it kind of attractive. It has dark gray-green leaves, oval shaped with small spikes around the edges, a purplish hue on the underside of the leaves, and curious little seedpods. I have no idea what it is but brought a piece home to try and look it up.
I also saw the twisty vines that climb around the trees, this time with bright red berries growing on them. It's poison ivy. I didn't know before that it would grow so thick up the trees. The bits that I used to pull out of my yard were just little sprigs.

And there were plenty of little wild roses growing everywhere along the path; I plucked a generous handful of hips - some freshly red, others quite dried out- to try another little growing experiment...

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