01 December 2012


I was at the old property last week and saw in the dreary yard a bright splotch of yellow near the back fence. Thought it was some fall-blooming crocus perhaps, walked closer to see. It was this mum I had tossed out so I could use its pot for a food plant. It was laying on its side on top of the old compost pile and had turned to grow up towards the sun again, some roots fed down into the soil.
I don't particularly care for yellow flowers, but was so impressed at the resilience of this plant that I just had to rescue it. It looks nice from a low eye level, but from above here you can see how it is growing all sideways!
Nearby there was another splash of color on the old pile, where I'd also tossed out some of the few baby trees.... This one was lying completely bare-root but still had green foliage. I brought it home, too. Its new pot is really too small... I don't know which one it is- maybe the dogwood?

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