22 December 2012


I haven't done much for the holidays this year (aside from a bit of shopping and much making of things) but we did decorate my little Norfolk Island Pine. I don't think the plant really likes it. The branches seem to bend outwards under the ornaments, which aren't that heavy but the branches are more slender and fragile than they look. I had to leave a few things off the tree because it needs misting almost every day, and didn't want any paper items on there that would get ruined. Barred from plant spa too, until the season is over!
Some paper is decorating the ceiling, though. My daughter and I have started a little tradition of cutting snowflakes every year; we always hang the best ones up and at the end of the year save our favorites for the next season. I like looking at their unique patterns. It's fun when the heat is on and the air from the vents makes them slowly rotate.
Yeah, that's not plant-related but I felt like featuring the Norfolk Pine in its new role as christmas tree here, so the snowflakes followed suit.

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