25 December 2012

a gift

It is true what Thalasssa Cruso said, that once you figure out how to grow your plants healthy, the problem suddenly becomes how to stem their growth or get rid of all the extras you end up with! And it's also very obvious to me why crassula (jade plant) is called the friendship tree or friendship plant; I always have new ones growing because it's just delightful to see baby ones come up out of the soil at the base of a discarded leaf, but now there are simply too many.

So this nicest of mine is going to a new home. I made a gift of it to my sister.
(This was the only one not featured in the post about repotting/propagating jades).


Chris Howard said...

Aw, that's one of the best gifts ever :) I wish I were as good as you with my plants :p

Jeane said...

Unfortunately it didn't look this nice by the time I got it to my sister. Accidentally dropped the box it was packed in, the pot cracked, lost some soil, some leaves. I felt real bad!