06 November 2012


I figured I would inadvertently bring along some slugs and pill bugs hiding in crevices in the base of pots, but so far have only seen one slug-slime trail, coming from under the Lavender pot. Will put out a beer trap for him soon. The other main pest is a bunch of tiny caterpillars that came along on my Chard.
But the most prominent stowaway is one we welcome: a Swallowtail caterpillar who has eaten up my Parsley plant! I don't know if there's enough foliage left on there for him to get the energy to metamorph into a butterfly, but we shall see.


Chris said...

Ooooh!!! It's so pretty!! I think I'd let it eat all of my parsley too :p

MOM said...

You can try and leave him things he would like to eat. Maybe even dig them up and bring them to him.

Jeane said...

He ate the whole thing. It's almost entirely defoliated. I wonder if it was enough to provide all the energy he needed to go into the next stage. Maybe not, because now he's gone so I think he crawled away to look for other food. But I haven't found him on any plants nearby, so I don't know where he went.