04 November 2012


One of the great things about this new place which I didn't forsee is the bird watching! I have lots of large windows flanked by tall evergreen trees, and look right into the heart of their branches. The squirrels make flying leaps from higher locales onto branches just outside the window. I've seen lots of robins, sparrows, and a rosy, streaked bird I don't recognize. Also a pair of brilliant blue jays and a mourning dove. There are plenty of others but they flit around so quick I don't get a good luck (much less a photo!)
But I will be putting these to good use again. I'm fond of this old pair of field-glasses, which see just as good in the dark as daylight! Love the feature that lets me adjust each lens separately to the individual eye. I believe they are WWII  era, German-made. Picked them up in an antique store many years ago.

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Chris said...

Aw that really is fantastic :) Glad you're finding some good in it over there :D