02 October 2012


Picking a few last cherry tomatoes I saw an unfamiliar butterfly darting around the Tithonias nearby. Usually I see various skippers here, occasionally a monarch or swallowtail. This butterfly was very different: it had an irridescent green-blue back, and the forewings short but with long narrow hindwings. Also the body rather furry, maybe it's a moth?
I'm starting to think I should get myself a good insect field guide (maybe a wildflower one too) as I'm always seeing critters and wondering what they are.
~ This was fortuitous! I found a few websites with photos and ID's of butterflies common in Virginia and pleased to recognize many of them. I've gone back and added comments with the identity of all the ones I've posted about here on the garden blog.

I have seen (but not photograhed) all of these in my yard: tiger swallowtail, black swallowtail, cabbage white, clouded sulfer, gray hairstreak, pearl crescent, painted lady, red admiral, common buckeye, monarch.

The one pictured here I think is a long-tailed skipper!


Chris said...

So so pretty!! So is it a butterfly? My first guess was going to be a moth. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

Jeane said...

Yes, it's a butterfly. I've kept my eyes open but haven't seen another one like this since.

Dawn Rowell said...

Had one of these in my garden yesterday here in North Central Florida.. Have never seen one til now.