29 September 2012

avocado tall

My Avocado plant seems to have just shot up taller and taller this summer. I was considering pinching out its top to encourage branching, but loathe to do so- it always seems such a shame to remove the freshest, new green leaves. But then discovered that it seems to be branching on its own- near the top of the plant there are quite a few new shoots coming in where older leaves join the main stem:
So I'm going to leave it be for a while longer and see how it does on its own.


Chris said...

Hooray for self branching!! I have a little lemon tree that I grew from a seed that's doing the same thing now right after I was about to cut it's top off!

Jeane said...

Oh, I've always wanted to have a little citrus tree. I've tried to grow from orange seeds but nothing ever happened.