24 April 2012

spring cooking

I've been happily surprised at how much I can cook out of my garden already, even so early in the season. The other day I made deviled eggs, just using herbs, a dab of mayonnaise and mustard. Usually I put in pickle juice or relish, but that wasn't needed because I have fresh Dill now! I used Green Onions, Parsley, a few leaves of Cilantro, and the Dill. Mmmm!
Last night I made my second Rhubarb pie of the year, and it was even better than the first! Some nice red stems this time, too.
And today I made my first little garden salad for lunch; the only homegrown ingredient here is the Lettuce (three kinds) and then I just added a shredded carrot, some raisins and sesame seed. No dressing needed, it was quite tasty as-is.

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