08 April 2011

young broccolis

getting too big for their cardpots. Quite a few fallen over too, the stems too long.
But that's easily remedied by simply burying the stem a bit deeper when I set them into the ground.

They got covered with plastic cloches to keep slugs off until a bit bigger; you can see them in the very back of this picture.
From the front and working back there's the spot where my Peas are planted (I'm quite anxious they haven't come up yet!), next the last of the wintered Carrots, then wintered Lettuce (those beds will be planted with tomatoes and peppers soon). The fourth bed back, which you can see is darker, I just turned over today with compost, calcium (a jar of crushed eggshells) and a bit of lime for Tomatoes, they'll be ready to go into the bed in a few weeks. Fifth one back is already planted with spring Carrots (no sign of them yet either) and sixth, darker soil again just turned today for Peppers. Seventh has the plastic bottles covering my Broccolis, and behind that another row of Peas. Lots of stuff!


Chris said...

Oh wow! Look at your gardens coming to life :D How exciting...I'm trying one brocolli plant this year to see how it does and if it does well I'll have more in the fall! So far it looks beautiful!

Jeane said...

Broccoli is tricky for me. The first year I tried it I only got two plants to grow but they made nice big heads. Second year, I grew a dozen plants but only got small scraggly heads. Don't know how it will turn out this time!