04 August 2018

some regrowth

33 is still cycling. Plants are doing better than I expected. The new leaf on crypt cordata was already there when I moved the plant, so I feared it would loose that and start over- but instead the leaf is slowly unfurling. It's adjusted well.
I also thought the change would be a bit hard on my aponogeton capuronii. Yes, a lot of the leaves are turning brown and melting, but a good number have kept their green, and there is a tiny new spear of leaf in the center. You cannot see it, but behind the capruonii near the substrate I have wedged the last piece of moss shelf I tried to make. It all died in the old 38, and most of it died in the 20H after the changes. There are just a few strands left on one plastic mesh shelf, which I moved in here for the heck of it. But I don't want to look at the plastic part, so I hid it.
Crinum has a new leaf emerging!
Crypt becketti is doing great
Crypt willisii holding on
Crypt undulata had the worst melt, it's also in a spot hard to get a photo of. But even that one has some new leaf growth.
Vals had such severe melt for a few days it was just a mess of brown yuck. Now springing back!
I thought ludwigia were doing fine, but new leaves on top of the stems are much brighter, showing me they had some adjustment to go through as well.
Awkward side view of that
Hornwort was so lovely, now it looks sparse.
Salvinia minima doing great, though.
Not sure why most of it seems clustered in the same corner as the filter.
New roots busting out on sweet potato vine all across the back of the tank.
I haven't cleaned up any dying plant mess because I figure the decay is feeding the cycle. It's sure feeding the snails (along with the bit of fish food I drop in each day). Ramshorns are multiplying. Well, if they start to decrease in numbers when the paradise fish go in, I'll know for sure they're getting eaten.

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