25 July 2018

things in waiting-

Perry for his new pal, and his new tank to be ready. He's doing fine. I changed a gallon of water today in his bin. He quit hiding low in the plants after the first hour, and now comes curious up to the near side when I am by the table his container sits on. I don't know any other fish that would be so unconcerned at being stuck in a temporary bin.
Here's repeat of a pic from just about a year ago, when he was in QT in this same bin. How he's grown!
as a side note, here's what became of his old home. It's nothing to be proud of now. I just needed a place to put the leftover crypts, and plants that need heat (crypt balasae, my one enchinodorus). And it's where my serpae tetras will live. I'm not planning to keep this tank long term, but I'm not going to ditch my fishes, either.

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