31 July 2018

not to be neglected

My tenner has shown some vast improvement, everything is glowing with health in there. Well, the plants are. I'm definitely continuing to use Thrive in here. I know it's cheaper to dose the dry ferts, but this is so much easier, and seems to provide something my measurements lacked. Awkward side view (there's now a shelf up against the tank's short end).
Skull cave has sprouted a java fern tongue again.
I think the buce on far right here, is about to flower!
The others are just a gorgeous blue.
Really happy with crypt becketti in here so far.
And my betta Ruby has really mellowed out. He doesn't chase his reflection all over any more, he seems to notice when I approach the tank, and if he sees he's getting fed or tastes something extra-yummy, he pedals his pectoral fins double-speed, it's cute.
I like the spangles of lighter blue scales across his back.
He seems to suffer very quickly from cloudy eye if I slack just one day on tank maintenance, though. And I wonder if he has a problem with his mouth? The crease between the lips and the face, it always looks a bit inflamed. I never see him stretch his mouth out, and sometimes he seems to have trouble grabbing his micro betta bites. I don't know if he has some deformity, injury or infection there?
Whatever he misses, the shrimps grab. He shares space with nine shrimp now- the four malayas plus five amanos from the dismantled 38.
I don't think it's too many- in fact maybe the plants are happier with lots of little shrimp poops fertilizer. But those bigger amanos are bold! Once the betta missed a bite of flake and followed it down to the substrate level- where a large amano jumped at him (and hogged the flake). I don't know if it nipped with its little pincer hands or not, but poor Ruby darted away to the top level of the tank.
My malayas are bolder now, too, in the company of the amanos. I'm surprised to see that my older amanos have grown larger than the malayas. Who come out readily now when food is given, not hiding in the plants until dark. I don't know if I'll keep these shrimps in here... maybe when the 20H with tetras has stabilized, I'll transfer them back. I don't want Ruby stressed about the shrimps, and maybe retaliating. He seems chill now, but might suddenly go on a shrimp rampage. I plugged my stocking list into AqAdvisor and while the numbers are fine, I got screaming red warnings about the shrimps! and the nerite snails! being poor choices to live with a betta that require more research. So I'll probably move them back soon. I like my shrimps. I'd hate for them to all get eaten (which they would, living with angels or paradise fish!).

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