23 July 2018

a big upcoming tank switch

Have a last look at my planted 38. Tomorrow I am taking it apart.
The serpae tetras will move into the 20H (with all the strictly tropical plants) and my paradise fish will move out into new quarters. His new tank will take center spot in our front room. Because... I've been thinking for a while how much I'd really like to give Perry more space. I was planning to get a 20L again, which would also need a new stand.... but then at the LFS next town ver I found this 33 gal. It's four feet long but only a foot high and wide. Perfect footprint for a small group of paradise fish (they don't need height). If they get along.
I was spurred on to get this because recently I visited a different LFS further away- and found a female paradise fish. And she looked at me. Blue freckles on her face, just like Perry. In a not-for-sale tank but I asked particularly, and the guy said if I come back next weekend, he'll sell her to me. Meanwhile, I have to get this new tank up and running!

Perry has no idea what's in store for him.
He'll have to spend a week or two back in the 8 gal bin, while his new expansive tank gets cycled, and his prospective girlfriend goes through a brief quarantine. I'll wait to introduce Perry into his new tank the same time as the female, so he doesn't immediately feel territorial over the space towards her.

Meanwhile, my 38 will probably be sold. My husband encouraged me to keep it, but I really don't want to be running six tanks- the tenner is up as QT right now for a few more kuhli loaches I got for the basement 45. I have been visiting all the stores nearby where it's possible to get angelfish, and found healthy-looking stock of the types I like, in three places. I checked yesterday and the ones I have my eye on are all still there. Once the kuhlis pass their QT and are settled in, I'll finally go get the angels- fingers crossed no one else buys them first. Big things are happening in my little fish world!

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