30 July 2018

33 progress

Things are still murky. Nitrites climbed even higher- so it's coming along!
Dismaying to see that the plants are going through shock, though. Crypts are melting- especially my lutea and undulata.  Bolbitis ferns look awful, and vals are melting, too. But I am hopeful- quite a few have bright new green peeking out at their base-
There's new leaves sprouting in the center of the crypt becketti
New leaf in the center of crypt cordata- which looks particularly unhappy today-
and quite a few of the anubias nana petite also unfolded a few new leaves- so I hope most will recover
of all things, the ludwigia doesn't seem to mind the changes at all- seems fine as far as I can tell
I added a new plant! Bought it when I got my female paradise fish. Crinum, commonly called 'onion plant'. I've wanted one for a long time.
I put it in the foreground, with crypt cordata on one side-
and aponogeton capuronii to the rear on the other. I hope it has enough room. I know it won't be able to get tall in this tank, but I hope it goes sprawling out tangling through everything!
Last two pics I took from sitting on the couch. Left end of the tank- you can see the remnants of hornwort on the top- it shed needles like crazy and is now just a bunch of threading stems with a few plumes on the ends. Crossing fingers that recovers well, too.
right side corner- vals all going pale and transparent with melt, sigh.
One thing sure is happy in here- the ramshorn snails are feasting on mess of fish food I've used to cycle the tank. I will have a population explosion, and then Perry and his gal will have a feast (I found lots of empty shells in the 20H, so I figure Perry ate all the ones I introduced to his tank before).

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