25 July 2018

33 long for paradise

my newest tank:
Already I am loving this tank, and can't wait to put the fish in, see how he reacts to his new home (and, hopefully, to his new companion). But of course, it has to cycle first. Very murky the day of planting:
Next morning:
It's really hard to get a good photo of.
Putting a backdrop on doesn't help much, if outside light is still bouncing off framed photos and thru windows across the room.
Had to wait for after dark, but then the camera can't pick up all the light- right side I had a lamp on it. Will have to use two next time.
Anyhow, you can see the two featured plants are my crypt cordata-
and the aponogeton balansae (pictured in the haze)-
Not too original, I used similar arrangement as the prior 20H, planting vallisneria on both short ends of the tank. On the filter end there's crypt undulata, and on the other side a few crypt lutea mixed in.
I planted most of my ludwigia repens var arcuata in the background, but kept a few stems in reserve in the 20H (heated).
I also have in here java fern windelov, bolbitis fern, anubias nana 'petite', crypt becketti petchii, several small buces, and hornwort floaters. Oh, and there's more plants to add, still in the bin with Perry- several bolbitis, more windelov fern, subwassertang,
and of course, all the sweet potato and pothos (roots).

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