27 May 2018

yard plants-

love the colors of joe pye weed
blue hosta near it has rounder leaves than I remember from last year
I like how the contrast of colors turned out here, the brighter salvia between edge of vinca and blue hosta under the yellowish leaves of euonymus (which needs a trim!)
the echincea are getting taller and fuller. I've had to start thinning out their offspring. Going to remove that white-edged hosta on the left. I don't like the way it looks.
Mock strawberrries seem to be fruiting more than last year. I didn't dig any for pots this time. I've already cut down with the lawn mower the blue-green weeds, as they were starting to set flower heads.
Tried to train some of my sweet peas up the retaining wall. To keep more of it from sprawling on the ground I need to get some kind of arches or other supports...
Rose is blooming. I've picked caterpillars off it twice already- the fishes feasted. Perry doesn't like caterpillars, though! I give him the few leafhoppers I catch, and the tetras get the larvae.
Sensitive fern frond
Cranesbill is full of flowers
they are among my favorites

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