08 May 2018

outside in pots

The 'scat plant' has grown larger. It's still in a pot, hanging out by the garden. Not sure if it is this plant, the newly-set out rue or the quickly growing borage, but the squirrels are mostly staying away. I see them rummaging in the perennial beds which is fine. Of course- maybe it isn't the plant scents at all. Maybe after digging through when I turned the soil and added compost, they realized all their horded nuts were removed, and gave up? Regardless, they make a few holes here and there among my lettuce, not nearly as disruptive as it used to be.
My largest pink coleus, the one I 'took as a stump', is the best-looking so far. I might not even keep the other pink ones I grew as cuttings.
This plant, the russian sage, is meant to go in the yard but I can't decide where to put it yet. I like it but I'm afraid someone else might think it looks like a weed.
Ice plant is spending warm days outside now. Its color doesn't look great against the red decking planks. I think next time I photograph it I'll put something down under it...
Boston fern spends cloudy days on the deck table, and sunny ones on a tall section of log I set up under the deck, near the garden. I like it in that spot. I hope it likes this spot too.

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