31 May 2018

in the house

Gave my little mimosa a new, larger pot. I don't like handling it because all the leaves close with stress and then it's trickier to fill the soil. It dropped some foliage, but is growing anew- on the left, fresh fronds.
I guess my young kalanchoe are doing better- this one is starting to sprout babies on its leaf margins. I never have seen flowers on them
Zebrina growing and growing
Plant attack! that's what my seven-year-old thought this was. I'm trying to revive my poor ponytail palm. It needs less water and more light. So I moved it to the sunniest spot- but as its falling over I kind of leaned it on the jade. They're both spending more time outside now.
Cut down my 'kiwi fern' coleus in the kitchen windowsill severely. I couldn't see out the window anymore! Small leaves growing back look rather pretty. Might keep it trimmed regularly with stouter stems.
All my other coleus cuttings that were still in jars (from the newer acquisitions) just got potted up, too. I may keep some of them as houseplants this year, in addition to what's outside. More pics later.

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