27 May 2018

garden from above

most of it still looks kinda empty as the plants are small-
'Greens' bed is fullest now (but will falter in the heat first). Left to right: arugula, swiss chard (barely sprouted), romaine and ceasar lettuce. The borage in this bed is the only one in the garden flowering yet, the others all suffered setback since I dug them up and moved them around. Won't do that next year- just thin out seedlings and keep a few in advantageous spots.
A few marigolds in pots behind.
First bed on the right against the wall- potatoes and the pot of ginger mint on a corner post. I measured and there was only space for four starter plants. I planted the potatoes in shallow ditches and the plan is to loosen and cover the potatoes with soil from the side, when they start forming. I hate the bitter of green-skinned potatoes (which keep showing up at our grocery store)
Mine seem to be doing well so far. It's been so long since I tried growing potatoes, I almost forgot what the foliage looked like.
The other two small beds against the wall have carrots and beets. Pots in the back are more marigolds.
baby carrots-
young beets-
a few cosmos in there too
I have trouble in this corner when we get spring downpours. The excess water falling off the roof hammers this corner of the garden. I tried putting flat stones, but the seedlings in this spot got beaten to death already.
Herb bed- on the top sage, rue, row of green onions. Next, too small to see- a few cosmos, parsley, a row of leeks. Three small basil plants I just moved into the garden, to the left of the lemon balm. Then thyme and chervil, and against the wall two borage plants and the pot of 'scat plant' (which really does stink skunky)
Last bed has potatoes- I planted eight, five have come up so far. A few more borage against the wall, corner post growing the clematis vine.
The garden has extended around the corner into the sunny sideyard- more on that next post!

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