02 May 2018

a cluster of cloches

In spite of the chilly nights, I planted out dill and arugula a few days ago. I figured if the forsythia has bloomed and volunteer dill seedlings are coming up in last year's window box, my indoor-started seedlings will do alright too.
But then it was a lot colder the first night than I'd expected- almost freezing again. So I covered the young dill with dish towels and sheltered the arugula with upturned containers. (The clear plastic lets them get early morning light before I get out there in the morning to uncover them).
They did fine. The second night planted, it wasn't quite as cold. I tossed a picnic tablecloth over the arugula just to be safe.
 Now they're spending nights uncovered, and I'm considering setting out the tomatoes...

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