29 May 2018

38 update

My second, smaller aponogeton capuronii died. It was loosing leaves at a steady rate- new ones stayed small and then faltered. I finally pulled it out- there were nice long white roots but the bulb was squishy and felt hollow, disintegrating. I don't know why it failed. Too close to the other one? I had given it root tabs regularly (once a month) maybe that wasn't enough. The other has quit sending leaves above the water surface- I hope this is because I've managed to "train" it and not because it is starting to fail as well.

On the other hand, many of my crypts are more lush than before, and have fewer dying leaves to clean off each week. The crypt cordata has grown more new leaves. I have added a few more handfuls of amazon frogbit from two other planted tankers- some of it always seems to be dying off but maybe it is all still adjusting. There's enough new and healthy-looking leaves I don't worry too much. A few weeks ago I deep-cleaned the right edge of the substrate under the bolbitis thicket- see the downslope
and trimmed some of the bolbitis that was running into the glass wall. It was more than I expected. I moved the trimmed pieces into Perry's tank.
Not much else new here. I'm happy with crypt becketti. The new leaves remain small making it a nice bright accent in the front of the tank.
It's calmer at feeding time because I moved the four black kuhlis out, into the new tank. The striped ones aren't as visible- they do come out at feeding time but not blasting around the tank like the black ones did- and I see the shrimps crowding into feeding areas quicker.

I'm glad I put the black kuhlis in the 45. Already they are active and it's really fun to watch them going in and out of the leaf litter. The size of the tank seems to fit them well, and I think they have plenty of hiding areas to avoid future angelfish.

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