05 April 2018

top of the tank

orange-red coleus is growing really well on Perry's tank
from the window side
lots of new roots
I don't think I will keep the riccia.
It scatters into tiny bits too easy, even with the gently current more or less keeping it in one place. After some reading I realize it's a high-maintenance plant that does better in a high-tech tank - or kept at surface like this... Hi, Perry. Blue freckle-face.
Full-tank shot using the i-pad. It takes better photos than my camera. (I don't know why this irks me). Next time I'll block the window light so it's more even, but you can see the vals are holding on well now. Subwassertang is getting thick in its corner, I think I will thin that out soon. Bolbitis doing well enough that I'm considering adding more when do first trim from the main tank.

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