18 April 2018


riccia in the jar seems to like its new bedroom window spot just fine!
I took apart the hornwort jar the other day. And the square glass boxes of snails, too. Hornwort jar got unbalanced- it was growing algae way faster than the few trumpet snails could keep up, and plant stems starting to die off detach at base. When I went to lift everything out there was a very strong odor that reminded me of the seaside- it was from the alage! Well, it was pretty while that lasted.

I moved the snail jar contents into the QT tank. Much easier to care for them in there, their plants helped cycle the tank, and I'm sure its a better environment for them too. At least I proved to myself that I can QT snails in these little containers just fine.

So now I only have the riccia and some bits of moss growing in windowsill jars. Everything else is in a tank with equipment.

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