25 April 2018

amano shrimp pair

I do believe I saw them mating.
The other day when I fed hikari wafers and NLS pellets, I swear the shrimps were fighting over the food. I saw one of the smaller male amanos walk in among the fish (who seem blind to the food once it falls on the substrate, but can smell it, so they shadow the shrimps and kuhlis waiting to see them find the food, and then try to snatch it) and pick up two pellets and make off with them. It hid by perching upside-down under the moss shelf to eat undisturbed.

There must have been another single pellet of food somewhere in this one spot at the front- I bet the kuhlis rummaging around kicking a bit of substrate over it- because a few shrimps kept congregating there, constantly going over and over feeling every substrate grain. And they seemed to be getting irritated at not finding it, or trying to fend each other off- the big dark one Blue Blast kept jerking around and shoving others out of the way. I'd never seen the shrimps tussle like that it was kind of funny.

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