06 February 2018

something else of the tank-

which I forgot to mention in my last post. I cut off a piece of windelov fern rhizome that was growing off the driftwood chunk and headed down to substrate level. It only had three leaves, but removing that one piece makes the front pathway feel more open, and I can see into the heart of the windelov patch. I also snipped the rhizome in there, so the older bare parts will hopefully grow new foliage.
I like how the cories will nose around there under the windelov on the wood, and I can't see them at all, just bits of movement. Until they drop down out of the foliage onto the path in front. It's cool to see them emerging from cover one after another.

I moved the clipped rhizome piece and two young ferns that had grown out on the ends of mature leaves, into the window tank.

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