26 February 2018

early spring

at least, it feels like- with rain and warmer weather. I took a walk around the yard and a few photos. Green in the mud and dead leaves-

new leaves on vinca:
oops camera cord got in this picture
sedums coming up around the stump- very small foliage still
a few sweet peas sprouted on their own
several of my younger hellebores are budding!
rosemary is sad, looks barely alive
Nandina stayed green all winter. I hope it grows more this year.
Holly shrub by the lower deck is so lush it almost glows.
Lots of new leaves. Seems to like the dehumidifier water I dump on it.
I've reseeded some more bare spots in the front lawn, during this week of rain. Back yard has tons of moss invading the sad lawn- way more than any other year before. It's nice that it is bright green, but unless walking careful and flatfoot it gets torn up so easily. Hm. I did scatter vermicompost and ashes on the front yard this past fall, but not the back. I think it shows. Gah. I'm fond of mosses but really need to improve the lawn health instead.
A few tufts of moss have made it onto my roof. I kind of like that.

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