23 January 2018

some things I noticed about plants-

In the tenner, something kinda nuts. The larger anubias on driftwood, whose rhizome I snipped in half last time? I can see the roots of that now-freestanding piece, between the skull and the windelov. There's a root that goes straight down, and where it hits the wood below, it splays out into smaller rootlets like a hand gripping the wood. Crazy looking.
Row of blue round buces, quite a few new leaves unfurling.
Buce 'isabelle' also has a new leaf- to left of center.
Another buce 'isabelle' -or 'blue bell' perhaps- in the back is also showing new leaf.
I swear all these new leaves have popped up since I made that slight change to the ferts, and improvement to the filter flow.

In my main tank, the rhizomes of taller bolbitis are definitely filling up with young fronds. Small trumpet snails are starting to gather on the older foliage, which is getting black algae. I'm going to cut more of those out this upcoming maintenance day.

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