31 January 2018

green jewels and white

One of my favorite individual plants in here is a round-leaved buce front and center.
Sometimes I rest on the bed looking at the tank from a lower angle, and I like how the light glows in its leaves.
Here just to the right of it and below, a little white pearl- the cories have been busy again. Stuck this to the glass just yesterday. We'll see how long it lasts...
Cories are funny fish to me, with their short bodies the heads look overly large. If I get more, I'll probably give them names like 'Noggin', 'Blockhead', 'Pate', 'Bullet' haha.
Somewhat unrelated pic- more of my anubias are sprouting new leaves! I like how they emerge rolled up tight. Reminds me of hosta in the spring.

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